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Services we offer
MVP consulting
Our dApp development experts will help you test the chances of success of your product concept and provide rational solutions. After testing your ideas and receiving detailed feedback, our team will help you choose the right technology stack and blockchain platform for your project.
UX & UI design
By designing decentralized applications, our team creates user interfaces that are intuitive, simple, and engaging for an exceptional and optimal experience. The best interactive prototype will be made by brainstorming different design possibilities.
Custom dApp development
As a leading dApp development company, we assist in the designing of business applications on any blockchain network with 100% client satisfaction.
Consulting services
Our team provides consulting services that help our customers to turn their business ideas into secure, scalable, and fully-featured dApps. We will assist you in designing the application’s architecture, ensuring usability, as well as streamlining the development process and testing.
dApp migration
We can assist you in seamlessly migrating your application onto any blockchain platform that meets your specific security, scalability, and stability requirements.
Support & maintenance
Our highly qualified dApp development team is available 24/7 to deliver you the necessary technical support from productivity enhancement and feature enrichment to regular OS version updates.
dApp modernization services
Our dApp experts help you keep your business operations running smoothly with timely upgrades and migrations. Furthermore, we can help you deploy smart contracts and microservices for your applications.
Get a custom dApp built from the ground up by our team of experts to perfectly match your business goals.
What industries can benefit from dApps?
Over the years, we have developed a number of decentralized applications that automate manual processes and improve workflows across various industries, including:
DeFi banking
You don't need to go through a financial institution to save, invest or pay for things with these apps. It can reduce bank fees and other costs with this approach.
Borrowing and lending
DApps of this type involve both borrowers and lenders interacting. In the first case, users can borrow money from a lender, pay interest to him, and also loan money to other users. In the second case, they may earn interest by lending their cryptocurrency to other users.
Digital wallets
Different blockchains support different types of wallets for storing assets. For example, Levefi Wallet lets users store, manage, and withdraw cryptocurrency using one app.
Decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs)
Instead of traditional exchanges, DEXs use smart contracts instead of central servers. Since there is no single point of failure, they are less vulnerable to hacks than traditional exchanges.
Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)
Smart contracts and blockchain technology enable DAOs to be entirely managed by their members, who make important decisions regarding the project's future, such as upgrading its infrastructure or allocating funds.
Data exchange
Utilize historical patient data that can be shared in real-time among doctors and users from various hospitals to get the most accurate treatment.
Data security
Be confident that patient data will be stored and shared in a decentralized network with no single point of failure. This makes it harder for hackers to alter or tweak stored information.
Hospital management
By integrating dApps into health organizations' workflows, you can streamline communication among staff and boost their productivity. Having access to hospital data will help improve processes like patient verification and insurance claims.
Public health
Using dApps allows us to get accurate clinical data and research by enabling ongoing sharing between health practitioners and health organizations, especially when epidemics strike.
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Blockchains and platforms we work with
Devvoted helps customers choose the right development platform based on their business needs, budget expectations, security requirements, public or private network, and availability of both technical and physical resources.
The dApp development process we follow

We guarantee our customers that their dApps will be developed under strict security and quality standards by following several steps:

Identifying the problem and tech stack validation
Understanding the purpose of the app, and how it will solve the problem, is crucial to its success. In order to determine how blockchain can help resolve this problem, we provide technical analysis.
Architecture design
As part of the planning process, we discuss with the customer where the dApp should be located, and we then design the architecture based on those requirements.
Visual and technical design
As part of our product design process, our team will create user interfaces for the app components and design the technical architecture. We provide low-fidelity design services to show us how the app will look and work, and high-fidelity prototypes are fully functional.
Smart contract development
In this step, we develop a smart contract and code the business logic for your decentralized app. To exchange tokens, dApps also require wallets, and our team can help you integrate them with third-party wallets.
Backend and frontend development
During this stage, we will develop the frontend and backend components of the dApp by leveraging the most advanced tools and technologies.
Launch your dApp
We will perform the final test of your dApp after the development stage is complete to ensure there are no bugs. After our blockchain experts verify that your custom dApp's functionality is 100% flawless, it can be launched.
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How we work
You can choose your own engagement model and project management method with Devvoted.
Full-service outsourcing

This approach is a good option for companies without their own development team, and lacking technical expertise.

Staff augmentation

We have vetted engineers and a dedicated team for your development projects that you can scale up or down as needed.

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